Pilates Classes Gilbert Street Adelaide

Pilates Classes Gilbert Street Adelaide


Are you looking for a pre-workday workout Adelaide? Then we have you covered with our Wednesday and Friday Morning Pilates Classes.

What is Pilates at the pub?

Pilates is a practice of movement developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates focuses on control, breath, strength, balance, and self-awareness.

Pilates builds strength, lengthens the body and aligns the spine, increases flexibility, develops lean muscle tone in all muscle groups, with a constant focus on the deep core muscles that are central to all movement.

At The dob, you’ll be doing mat Pilates on the floor, using your body weight resistance to build strength. Mats are provided, you just need to wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.

‘Change happens through movement, and movement heals’

Joseph Pilates

About your instructor.

Michael Roberts is a personal trainer who specialises in Pilates, geriatric health and marathon coaching. Michael has been running community/family boot camps for 7 years and has been working with The Council of the Aging (COTA) as a Strength for Life instructor specialising in over 50s strength conditioning and balance classes. Michaels biggest passion is Pilates, having completed his Mat training with Polestar Pilates Australia. Pilates has transformed the way Michael trains people, and he applies Pilates principles in every aspect of his training. Pure Pilates mat classes are his true joy, and he is very excited to be able to share the incredible benefits of Pilates through morning mat classes at The Duke of Brunswick Hotel.

You can get your tickets here or pay cash on the day

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