Meet the Team - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Meet the Team.

What’s a seriously social pub without some seriously social crew ? Our team are more than just pub staff – they’re family. We look after each other so that we can best look after you.

So, here’s the duke of brunswick family:

Simone Douglas


Simone has been seriously social for nearly 3 decades now – it’s what’s allowed her to love what she does. It’s her ethos of community and bringing people together that drives the business forward and breaks the mould of what a pub is meant to be. Theres a reason that everyone knows Simone from somewhere, follow her other endeavours here.

Alex Fairgrieve


Literally, Alex does all kinds of work. That’s what ‘factotum’ means. Never has a word so aptly described both the work ethic and responsibilities of one person. Something needs doing and no-one knows who should do it or how to do it, Alex jumps in. If you’ve ever wondered why the pub’s drink list is so extensive, he’s the man to thank. Check it out here.

Tiffany Hughes

Head Chef

Anytime you’ve been absolutely floored by the delicious gluten free treats placed in front of you, that’s thanks to the ingenuity and passion of Tiff. She is pushing the boundaries of gluten free food and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board!

Dylan Hughes

Sous Chef

Dylan works tirelessly to make sure that the food coming out of our kitchen is of the upmost quality. He loves working with the customer to make sure that we meet all and any dietary needs that they have.

Lars Moller

Assistant Manager

With over 10 years in hospitality across Adelaide, Lars has encountered all there is to see in this industry. He loves nothing more than to manage the experiences of our patrons and make sure that every experience you have at the dob is a memorable one.

Kristen Speedy

Duty Manager

Speedy by name, speedy by nature. Kristen puts us all to shame with her work ethic and love of hospitality. It’s been amazing to have her as part of the team for what feels like years.

Tristan Hochenthaner

Duty Manager

We don’t know what we did right to score Tristan as a member of the team. A hospitality professional in every sense of the word, Tristan goes above and beyond to make sure that every time you walk in the door you are treated like royalty

Jennifer O’Shea

Team Member

Loved by all, Jen is always quick to share a laugh with anyone that walks through the door. Always putting the customers needs at the forefront, Jen will make sure that you’ll be coming back time and time again for more of her amazing service.

Tom Benda

Team Member

Enthusiasm personified, Tom is always bouncing around the dob making sure that everyone is having the best possible time at all times. Tom has recently started working with another business in the seriously social group and is dipping his toes into the world of marketing. Check out what he’s up to and see if he can help you out

Cyril Kemp

Team Member

A true Hospitality professional. Cyril has been taking care of people for longer than some of our younger team members have been alive – and it shows! He’ll always go above and beyond to make sure that you’ve had a 5 star experience.

Lou Phillips

Team Member

Lou came to us all the way from Western Australia via her family suggesting she look us up when she was in town. We’re so thrilled she did, Lou has embraced the dob mentality and serves with grace!

Charlotte Taft

Team Member

Charlotte has been with us for years and recently she’s entered the world of adulthood! She’s been watching and learning the ways of the bar all this time so she’s ready to show you all her skills!

Savanah England

Function Manager

Sav joined us over the crazy holiday period and fit into the team in no time. A jack of all trades, we’re excited to see where she ends up. Currently she’s looking after all our functions so if you need to chat to her check out the function spaces follow the link.

William Forster

Team Member/Dishy

The man responsible for the amazing crumbles on our dessert menu, Shane isn’t just a one trick pony. Chances are you’ve enjoyed his candor and compassion while he’s been behind the bar, we know we have

Timothy James

Team Member

TJ found us through the cafe and quickly became an amazing part of the team at both venues. TJ loves learning all he can about hospitality so if you thought he was good now – just you wait!

Brooke Schiller

Team Member

A naturopath by trade, Brooke walked in the front door one afternoon looking for some hospitality work to fill her gaps. We’re so glad that she walked in out door first, Brooke is an absolute gem that we’re sure has made many of you happy

Nat Edwards

Team Member

Nat worked with Alex a long time ago and he’s been keen to get her involved with the dob for a long time. Stoked that she’s part of the team moving forward!

Donna Halls

Team Member

The newest member of the team, Donna has mostly played in cafes over the years but as she makes the jump to pub life we’re sure she’ll settle in nicely

Max Tavella


So glad to have Max on board with his amazing compassion and desire to serve!

Woody Nelson


Sharp wit, even sharper service! Happy to have Woody with us!

Cody Lamerton


Batting beyond his league, Cody is an amazing part of the team.

Gage Paterson


Gage is always making sure that the food that hits your plates is the best it can possibly be. 

Dinesh Galpotta


Dinesh has been in the industry forever and it shows through his attention to detail and knowledge of the culinary world. 

Shripal Sethsiri


If you’ve had a killer Nasi Goreng in the past few months then you’ve got Shripal to thank for that!

Lawrie Young


Lawrie was looking for the next exciting challenge in his career and decided to jump in and learn all he could about what it takes to run a 100% gluten free kitchen

Darien Sweetman


Darien keeps the wheels moving in the kitchen whenever he’s on. Its his first time in hospitality but he’s a class act through and through

Bayden Mackereth

Apprentice chef

Bayden has incredible passion for cheffing and we’re so lucky to have him on board as he apprentices under Tiff

Simon Wotton


In these times there is no one more important than Simon. Making sure that the entire pub is spick and span day after day is his aim. Keeping all areas clean and disinfected to give our patrons piece of mind that they’re entering the most covid safe environment we can provide is a new challenge that he has risen to.

James Miller

Cleaner / Dishy

We’ve known James for years as a guest but he’s recently decided to make the jump and join us as a member of the team! He ends up dabbling in a bit of everything and his contributions are invaluable