Meet the Team - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Meet the Team.

What’s a seriously social pub without some seriously social crew ? Our team are more than just pub staff – they’re family. We look after each other so that we can best look after you.

So, here’s the family:

Simone Douglas


Simone has been seriously social for nearly 3 decades now – it’s what’s allowed her to love what she does. It’s her ethos of community and bringing people together that drives the business forward and breaks the mould of what a pub is meant to be.

Alex Fairgrieve


Literally, Alex does all kinds of work. That’s what ‘factotum’ means. Never has a word so aptly described both the work ethic and responsibilities of one person. Something needs doing and no-one knows who should do it or how to do it, Alex jumps in. If you’ve ever wondered why the pub looks so well put together, he’s the man to thank.

Adam Faulkner

Sous Chef

Anytime you’ve been absolutely floored by the delicious gluten free treats placed in front of you, that’s thanks to the ingenuity and passion of Adam. Coming up with an engaging and evolving menu is difficult at the best of times but without the ever present glut.

Christopher Deering

Sous Chef

Chris works tirelessly to make sure that the food coming out of our kitchen is of the upmost quality. He loves working with the customer to make sure that we meet all and any dietary needs that they have.

Eden Potter

Assistant Manager

With a wealth of experience under her belt, and one of the longest standing members of the team, Eden will always make sure that when you step in the doors of the dob you feel like you’re at home. Whether you need a tasty tipple or a warm smile, she’s your gal.

Lars Moller

Assistant Manager

With over 10 years in hospitality across Adelaide, Lars has encountered all there is to see in this industry. He loves nothing more than to manage the experiences of our patrons and make sure that every experience you have at the dob is a memorable one.

Riley Andreson

Duty Manager

If you’ve ever found yourself walking away from the bar holding a drink that you didn’t plan on ordering, Riley is likely the culprit. With a wealth of knowledge that spans further than anyone else, he’s your go to man for all things alcohol. Just make sure there’s no puppies around because the man has his priorities.

Jennifer O’Shea

Duty Manager

Loved by all, Jen is always quick to share a laugh with anyone that walks through the door. Always putting the customers needs at the forefront, Jen will make sure that you’ll be coming back time and time again for more of her amazing service.

Kristen Speedy

Team Member

Speedy by name, speedy by nature. Kristen puts us all to shame with her work ethic and love of hospitality. It’s been amazing to have her as part of the team for what feels like years.

Brayden Doherty

Team Member

He started with us as a young boy and we’ve watched him grow from “The Kid” into a hot shot bartender. Always ready to learn and serve, Brayden brings his enthusiasm and mirth to all situations.

Alyssa Blackmore

Team Member

Another amazing part of the crew that started out as a junior and has blossomed into a true hospitality professional. Alyssa embodies everything we stand for with her compassion and love for making others happy.

Angela Scarfo

Team Member

One of the most warm and caring souls you’ll ever meet, we’re always hearing from customers that Ange has made their day/night at the dob. Always ready to go above and beyond, Ange will ensure you leave with a smile.


Team Member

Your friendly neighbourhood beer slinger is more than happy to have a chat about all things pop culture while plying you with her favourite drinks.


Team Member

Enthusiasm personified, Tom is always bouncing around the dob making sure that everyone is having the best possible time at all times.


Team Member

Not only is he the bearer of the most luxurious beard the dob has seen, he’s also the bearer of a genuine warm and caring manner that he brings to work every day.



The one that makes sure we’ve got enough plates to go around on those busy weekend nights

Libao Jiang


Always laughing no matter how many orders are coming in, Libao is one of the most positive individuals you’ll ever meet. Always trying to improve his talents to make sure the 100% gluten free fare on your plates is impeccable.

Chris Irving


In these times there is no one more important than Chris. Making sure that the entire pub is spick and span day after day is his aim. Keeping all areas clean and disinfected to give our patrons piece of mind that they’re entering the most covd safe environment we can provide a new challenge that he has risen to.