Seriously Social - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Seriously Social.

#Seriously Social.

So what on earth does that even mean?

Well for us it’s all about staying true to our story. That story being a simple ethos – “The Outside world doesn’t matter here”.

That’s a little bit esoteric but basically what it means is that through everything we do here at The DoB we make sure that all the cares and concerns of the world at large are left at the front door so that you can relax and take some time to unwind in an environment that we pride ourselves on being the following:

All Inclusive – our staff come from all walks of life and understand just how sacred it is to have somewhere that will always accept you for you. Humans are complicated at the best of times and the last thing you need to be worrying about while you’re enjoying a pint of beer is whether or not you’re being judged by those around you. If anyone here ever makes you feel any other way we encourage you to let us know so that we can continue to improve.

Community Driven – pubs were initially started as public meeting spots. A place for communities to come together and celebrate the things that made them unique, celebrate the things that bind them and lament the things that occasionally tear them apart. Somewhere along the line that original intent was lost but we’re trying our hardest to bring it back. We’re beyond happy to host so many of our local community groups week after week and only want to see that number grow.

Gluten Free – A huge part of what we do here is centred around our relationship with the Coeliac community of Adelaide. For our family that suffer from the disease you all know just how hard it is to find a place that allows you to feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that your food contains no trace of gluten. Our decision to make our kitchen completely gluten free was born from that realisation. It’s so special for us to see our patrons truly relaxed and enjoy food that they, their family or their friends haven’t been able to eat for years.

Those are just some of the ways that we keep the outside just where it is. Of course our patrons are a an instrumental part of why all these things work, you all embody these mantras yourself which helps to keep the environment safe, positive and accepting.