Key Partnerships - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Key Partnerships.

We’re on a mission at the Duke of Brunswick, we want to be the most “seriously social” pub in Australia. What does that mean? Well for starters it means we want to have at least 100 community groups call us home. Whether its a bi-annual sewing meet up, a weekly drink and draw, a think tank discussion group trying to improve Adelaide one step at a time or the local Rollerderby team planning their rise up the ranks – we love hosting everyone and anything. Afterall, it’s what pubs were built to do.

It’s not only smaller community groups that we love working with, we’ve got lots of larger organisations that we’re proud to associate ourselves with. 

See why our pub is Seriously Social.

Due to an amazing partnership with the lovely folks at Deaf Can Do, we’re thrilled to say that we’ve become Adelaide’s first truly deaf friendly venue. All of our team have been through basic auslan courses to learn how to best communicate with our hearing impaired friends. Hosting monthly “Sip and sign” events gives our team the chance to practice with professionals

We work closely with several veterans groups, namely HOTH (Heroes on the home front), The Jamie Larcombe Centre and the Black Ops Veterans Garage, to provide a place for our home grown heroes to relax without the concerns of the world weighing them down. We also provide free upgrades for our first responders because the people that work hard to keep us safe deserve that little bit extra.

Members of the Royal Society for the Blind pay us visits due to our dog friendly nature. Autism SA love bringing their clients through because we understand their often quite specific dietary needs, and are only more than happy to make their family our family.

To round it all out, our more creative groups bring that flair to the pub we love so much. We’ve played house with the Bear men of Adelaide since 2014, host Adelaide improv’s weekly comedy troupes, let the Morris Men Jingle through the building, regularly have one of Adelaide’s finest tribute acts “Acoustic Tull” performing in our Adelaide room and love having the ever raucous pub sing in the building.

APOD partner

The dob support members of the Australian veteran community and defence families.

As you can see family is important to us at the Duke of Brunswick.
If you’re part of a community group and are searching for a place to call home, we’d love to have you as part of our community.