Enjoy our distiller gin flights of fancy - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Enjoy our distiller gin flights of fancy

How good is South Australian Gin!

Embark on a tantalizing adventure into the world of South Australian gin with our curated tasting flights at
The Duke of Brunswick. We’ve meticulously handpicked the finest expressions from several of our
renowned distilleries, allowing you to savor the distinct flavors and aromas that define the region’s gin
craftsmanship. There’s a reason that so many of our distillers win awards!

23rd Street Distillers – Renmark

Indulge in a sensory experience with 23rd Street Distillers’ exquisite gin selection, paired with thoughtfully
chosen garnishes:

Signature Gin: Enhanced by the zesty notes of dehydrated lime.
Violet Gin: Elevate your taste buds with the fragrant essence of dehydrated lemon.
Tropical Gin: A paradise in a glass, complemented by dehydrated pineapple.
Mulberry Gin: Delight in the citrus twist of dehydrated orange.

Red Hen – Adelaide
Experience the artistry of Red Hen Distillers with their signature concoctions:

Classic: Accentuated by the crisp touch of dehydrated lime.
Ultraviolet Gin: Unleash the vibrant flavor with dehydrated lemon.
Sicilian Olive Twig: A Mediterranean twist featuring green olive and lemon peel on a toothpick.
Ruby Tuesday: Revel in the sweet symphony of dehydrated strawberry and lemon.

Applewood – Gumeracha
Savor the botanical wonders of Applewood Distillery, where innovation meets tradition:

Classic Gin: Adorned with a lavender sprig.
Coral Gin: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with dehydrated pineapple.
Alpine Gin: Refreshing mint leaves dance with the senses.
Davidson Plum Gin: Delight in the exotic touch of dehydrated grapefruit.

Never Never – Adelaide
Immerse yourself in the bold and adventurous spirits crafted by Never Never Distillery:

Juniper Freak: Unleash the boldness with dehydrated grapefruit.
Southern Strength: A citrusy embrace with fresh lime and mint.
Oyster Shell Gin: Dive into the briny depths with dehydrated lime.
Ginache: A symphony of flavors with dehydrated orange.

Settlers Distillers – Mclaren Vale
Choose any four from Settlers Distillers’ diverse offerings, accompanied by a carafe of tonic and/or soda.

Pink Gin – Dehydrated Strawberry and lemon
Shiraz Gin – Dehydrated Orange
Coriander Leaf Gin - Fresh Lime
Rare Dry - Dehydrated Lime
Breakfast Gin – Dehydrated Lemon
Blood Orange and Chili Gin - Coriander and Fresh Lime
Oak Aged Gin – Dehydrated Orange
Yuzu Gin – Dehydrated Orange and Lemon
Spiced Fig Gin – Dehydrated Fig and Lemon

There’s a lot to love about South Australia and we feel that these flights do a great job of showcasing that.
While we’ve created these flights, if you see something else that takes your fancy then you can
customise it to your hearts content. There’s a lot of other distilleries in South Australia and we’d hate for
them to get left at the wayside!

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