Kitchen Goes 100% Nut Free - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Kitchen Goes Nut-free

Duke of Brunswick: Kitchen Goes Nut Free

ADELAIDE – 29 January, 2020 

Working to provide an accessible environment that everyone can enjoy, The Duke of Brunswick Hotel has just become a 100% nut free dining establishment.

Last year, The Duke of Brunswick rolled out a completely gluten-free menu and customers, whether allergic to wheat or not, responded with enthusiasm and support. “We just felt that is was time to take a closer look at how we could provide a range of meals anyone can enjoy without worrying about food allergies, and we found that quite a few patrons were allergic to nuts,” said Alex, Dob Factotum and Venue Manager, who continued “Adam has done a fantastic job delivering a menu that is both appealing and safe for those with common food allergies.”

Studies show that Australia has a relatively high percentage of people who suffer from nut allergies, especially peanuts with almost 3 in 10 children affected.  While some will later reduce or eliminate adverse reactions to nuts, there are many who never will.

Unfortunately, for many adults who remain allergic to nuts, the risk of accidental consumption can lead to dire consequences. In extreme cases, some are unable to even be in the presence of nuts.

With the Dob, Simone Douglas wanted to provide a place for everyone, “Nut allergies are becoming more and more common, so in keeping with creating an inclusive environment, we decided to review our menu and revisit suppliers so that those who suffer from nut allergies can also feel confident eating here at The Duke of Brunswick.”

She added, “We just feel that no one should have to feel isolated and excluded from social activities, and the Dob works hard to provide an establishment that everyone can feel safe, welcome and comfortable.”

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