2019 Telstra Business Award Finalist - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Dob selected as 2019 Telstra Business Award Finalist

Dob Selected as 2019 Telstra Business Award Finalist

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 – The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

The Duke of Brunswick continues to rack up its accolades as it redefines what it takes to run a successful pub in the city having just been nominated as a 2019 Telstra Business Award Finalist. In the face of more prominent venue closures announced this week in Adelaide the dob continues to buck the trend going from strength to strength as it collects a diverse range of community and interest groups that now call the business home.

No stranger to the awards race Simone Douglas Publican says she is thrilled to see that the dob’s commitment to changing people’s perspectives is being recognised through the Telstra Business Awards.

Currently also in the running for two Adelaide City Awards to be announced on Monday the 22nd of July, the Duke of Brunswick famously redefined gluten free living for those diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and their families in January of this year by declaring their kitchen a 100 percent gluten free zone, creating a safe haven for those with fears of cross contamination. The stories they continue to collect from their patrons are both inspiring and heart warming, creating a space where people who usually struggle to eat out safely can order anything off the menu and enjoy a normal family night out.

Couple that with their left of centre and eclectic approach to what is entertainment sees them with all sorts of events from Art classes, drink and draw, pubsing and live improv theatre and comedy shows and you evidently have a winning combination that is being embraced by both Adelaidians and tourists alike as well as dozens of community and meet up groups forming a diverse melting pot as the dob team chase their target of being home to 100 groups this year.

Simone Douglas says: “The proof is in the pudding, in today’s markets business success requires you to take a creative approach and find a niche, ours is creating a space where the outside world doesn’t matter and redefining normal while being seriously social.”

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