An Important Update for our Patrons - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

An Important Update for our Patrons

Dear dob Family

In light of this morning’s announcements by the Prime Minister in relation to a maximum capacity of 100 people indoors for non essential gatherings (which we fall under)

We have capped our bookings at 80 pax per service.
We will staff the venue according the the bookings we have.
Please call 84107079 to book

What does this mean for our lovely dob family?

Getting a seat at the table
1. You need to book to guarantee yourself entry to the venue.
2. If you don’t have a booking and you try your luck we may have to turn you away.
3. We remind you lovely humans that we have always had our full menu available for takeaway you can call and place a phone order and we can take payment over the phone to secure your order. 84107079

Social Distancing
1. We have two large areas available for dining as well as our lovely outdoor areas.
2. We have removed some tables to facilitate your capacity to maintain social distancing as per guidelines.
3. Paywave is your friend

Preventative measures
1. We have purchased 3 Air160 Air Purifiers to help protect our staff and patrons see the attached press release. These will be installed tomorrow
2. We already have detailed cleaning processes in place to maintain a sanitised environment

Our previous request of patrons enable us to continue to provide our lovely environment to you all still applies

If you feel unwell and are showing symptoms consistent with those of the virus


have been in contact with a person tested positive for COVID-19 please refrain from visiting until you have the all clear.

By taking these simple measures you are allowing our patrons and staff to feel relaxed and safe in their environment knowing that as a community and family we are all taking a proactive approach to everyone’s well being and not just our own.

We will continue to evaluate our approach and evolve as the situation does.

We appreciate your understanding and should you have any concerns please reach out.

Cheers Simone & Alex

Should you have any concerns please reach out

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