2019 Adelaide City Awards - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

2019 Adelaide City Awards: Dob Wins Best Function, Music and Entertainment Venue

2019 Adelaide City Awards:

Dob Wins Best Function, Music and Entertainment Venue

22 July, 2019 – Keith Murdoch House, Adelaide

Publicans Simone Douglas and Alex Fairgrieve, assistant manager Eden Potter and head chef Dave West were all on hand at the Advertiser’s 2019 Adelaide City Awards presentation at the Keith Murdoch house Monday evening and were honoured by Adelaide Lord Mayoress Sandy Verschoor with the selection of Best Function, Music and Entertainment Venue.


“Having been selected as a finalist and winner two years running for the Adelaide City Awards has been a terrific honour for The Duke of Brunswick Hotel and it’s staff who have worked hard to transform it into something everyone can enjoy,” said Simone Douglas who continued. “We really appreciate the vote of confidence from the community and those who have become part of ours.”

Last year, The Duke of Brunswick was selected as the Best Business thats makes Adelaide more liveable. With new renovations taking place and a management team constantly striving to enhance the patron experience, the Dob team were excited to have been honoured with the selection.

Simone added, “The award was a reflection of societies changing expectations in terms of entertainment and service, something that The team at the dob wholeheartedly embraces.”

The Advertiser’s complete list of 2019 Adelaide City Award Winners can be found here.

Looking to host your function or business meeting at The Duke of Brunswick?


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