Florentine Nightshade - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

I think in the past four years I visited this place more than I’ve visited my loved ones houses!

I think the renovation that they just underwent in the past year is well worth the restructure of the menu and layout.

Everything on that menu is a banger, sometimes I go in and just ask the waiter to surprise me πŸ™‚

As one of the only coeliac Australia accredited establishments in Adelaide, it is the jewel of the inner city and a haven for coeliacs who just want a good pub meal with a family friendly atmosphere.

I miss the Rib-wich ( big rib burger with house made fries) -but I’m not disappointed to see that with every new chef that they take on they modify the menu to best suit the strengths of that individual. It really adds character to this establishment.

I also went to tasting Australia’s 2021 San Remo Italian themed pasta tasting. It was worth every penny, but between my partner and I, we could not finish all the food that was brought to us we all got four main meals each!