Our Staff

Simone Douglas

Simone Douglas – Publican and Licensee

With over 26 years having worked in and out of the hospitality industry the one thing Simone is truly passionate about is building community. The epitome of a traditional publican, her ultimate mission is for the Duke of Brunswick to be the place of choice for people to come together and enjoy a sense of belonging.

Dave West

Dave West – Head Chef

A long term hospitality veteran with 20 years in kitchens, Head Chef Dave has worked a variety of places from pubs, restaurants, clubs and breakfast.

He joined The Duke of Brunswick team to get back into real food from just cooking bacon and eggs and has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge adapting and creating menus to cater for the dietary needs to such a large scale.

Dave loves learning and teaching himself new abilities, methods and skills to better his skills and the customers’ dining experience.

Adam Faulkner

Adam Faulkner – Sous Chef

Adam Started cooking with his mum in an English pub aged 12, fell in love with cooking and worked every day after school in Devon, UK.

Now with 20 years of experience across multiple disciplines, he brings his love of food to The Duke of Brunswick.

The reason he loves work at The Duke of Brunswick Hotel is the culture of always striving to be the best which creates so much room to be creative and try things that traditional hotels are afraid to … like the gluten-free menu.

Eve Potter

Eden Potter – Assistant Manager

With 15 years under her belt starting out at Olympic Dam, Eden could happily sell ice to the Eskimo’s, or in this case, an O’Briens Gluten-free lager to a hardcore beer enthusiast.

Her focus on old school hospitality values means she isn’t truly happy unless you are. Yes, we really are the place to come where the staff bother to learn more than just your name!

Lars Moller

Lars Moller – Assistant Manager

Working in hospitality for over ten years, Lars is a key compliment for staff and patrons with his energetic, personable and professional nature. His focus is on delivering a quality experience for those who frequent the Duke of Brunswick for special occasions, functions, or just for a quick bite to eat. A true personality and likeable from the start, Lars is the kinda guy you can count on and that’s why we like him so much!