The Duke of Brunswick Beer List

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On Tap

Coors Lager (Canada) 4.2%

Coopers Pale Ale (Adelaide) 4.5%

Coopers Session Ale (Adelaide) 4.2%

Coopers Stout (Adelaide) 3.5%

Blue Moon (USA) 5.4%

Furphy Pale Ale (VIC) 4.4%

Little Creatures IPA (WA) 6.4%

Little Creatures Rogers (WA) 3.8%

Hahn Super Dry (AUS) 4.6%

Hills Apple Cider (Adelaide) 5%

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James Boag’s (TAS) 4.8%

Samuel Adams (USA) 5%

Heineken (NLD) 5%

Heineken 3 (NLD) 3%

Bridge Road Chestnut Pilsner (VIC) 5%

Hahn Premium Light (AUS) 2.4%

Peroni (ITA) 5.2%

Corona (MEX) 4.5%

Clausthaler (DEU) 0%



Coopers Sparkling Ale (Adelaide) 5.8%

Big Shed Frankenbrown Ale (Adelaide) 5.3%

Mountain Goat Hightail Ale (VIC) 4.5%

Newcastle Brown Ale (GBR) 4.7%

Brew Boys Seeing Double (Adelaide) 8%

Spakke ‘Whats the Planet B’ NEPA (Adelaide) 4.5%

Lobethal Bierhaus Session Ale (Adelaide)  3.5%

Coopers Pale Ale (Adelaide) 4.5%

Bridge Road Saison (VIC) 6%

Fullers London Pride (Eng) 4.1%

Fuller Honey Dew Organic Ale (ENG) 5%

Pirate Life Hopco (Adelaide) 4.8%

Pirate Life Pale Ale (Adelaide) 5.4%

Brew Boys Jog On Bitter (Adelaide) 3.5%

James Squire Golden Ale (AUS) 4.5%

Moon Dog Bad Boy Bubbly (VIC) 13.1%

Moon Dog Cherry Pie A´ La Mode (VIC) 7%


Pirate Life Throwback IPA (Adelaide) 3.5%

Brew Boys Hoppapotamus (Adelaide) 7%

Pirate Life Mosiac (Adelaide)  7%

Pirate Life Double IPA (Adelaide) 8.8%

Pirate Life IPA (Adelaide) 6.8%

Stockade ‘8 Bit’ IPA (NSW) 6.5%

Feral War Hog  (WA)  7.5%

Moon Dog Splice of Heaven Pine/Lime (VIC) 6.5%

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Four Pines Stout (NSW) 5.1%

Pirate Life Stout (Adelaide) 7.2%

Brew Boys Ace of Spades Stout (Adelaide) 5.9%

Big Shed Golden Stout Time (Adelaide) 6%

Coopers Stout (Adelaide) 6.3%

Coopers Dark (Adelaide) 4.5%

Fullers Black Cab Stout (UK) 4.5%

Fullers London Porter (UK)

Moon Dog Cake Hole Black Forrest Stout (VIC) 6.5%



Westons Stowford Press (GBR) 4.5%

Sidewood (Adelaide)  5.1%

Big Shed Cherry Popper (Adelaide) 8.5%

Rekorderlig Straw and lime (SWE) 4%

Matso’s Ginger Beer (WA) 3.5%

Sparkke ‘Plains to Share’ Ginger Beer (ADE) 3.5%

Hills Pear (Adelaide) 5%

Rekorderlig Straw and Line (SWE) 4%

Wallaby Apple (Adelaide) 8%

Hillbilly Crushed Apple (NSW) 4.5%

Thatchers (IRE) 4.8%

Westons Caple Road (GBR) 4.2%


Gluten Free Beer

O’Brien Stout GF (VIC) 5.3%

O’Brien Pale Ale GF (VIC) 4.5%

O’Brien Light Lager GF (VIC) 2.7%

Wilde Pale Ale GF (NSW) 4.5%

O’Brien Premium Lager GF (VIC) 4.5%

O’Brien Brown Ale GF (VIC) 4.5%

O’Brien Mid Lager GF (VIC) 3.5%

O’Brien IPA GF (VIC) 6%

Schnitzerbrau LBrau arger GF (DEU) 5%

Hahn Ultra Crisp GF (AUS) 4.2%