Don’t you hate it when you head to the pub for a beer and they are meant to be open but their doors are closed? Well So do we, so you can rest assured that we will be open at the following times

Keep in mind that our kitchen is open selected hours, so we can accommodate any type of function you may have, whether it is a quick breakfast meeting, or a late afternoon board meeting a family event or anything in between. You can double check the trading hours for the Duke of Brunswick below.

Trading Hours

The Duke of Brunswick Trading Hours

Monday – 9am-9pm                                Food 11am -830pm
Tuesday – 9am-9pm                               Food 11am -830pm
Wednesday – 9am-10pm                        Food 11am -830pm
Thursday – 9am-10pm                            Food 11am -830pm
Friday – 9am- 12am                                Food 11am -830pm
Saturday – 9am-9pm                               Food 9am – 830pm
Sunday – 9am-6pm                                 Food 9am-630pm

Holiday Trading Hours
Sunday the 23rd December – Normal Trade
Monday the 24th December – Closed
Tuesday the 25th December – Closed
Wednesday the 26th December – Closed
Thursday the 27th December – 11am-9pm
Friday the 28th December – 11am-Midnight
Saturday the 29th December – 10am-9pm
Sunday the 30th December – 10am-6pm
New Years Eve – Closed
New Years Day – Closed
Wednesday the 2nd January – Normal Trade

Have an event you want to book that’s outside these hours? We are happy to accommodate, contact us here, email or just give us a call on 8410 7079.